Centre of Excellence for gas turbine since 1978

ATLA is a pioneer  for full repair and manufacturing activities of aircraft engines and high-tech gas turbines for Aerospace and Industrial applications

As an independent provider, we are specialized in Special Processes and innovative coatings mainly for manufacturing and repair activities on heavy duty, aeroderivative and jet engines gas turbine parts for the most important OEMs.

Focused on Aerospace metrics:
on time, on quality, on cost

We work according to a process oriented management system that meets the ultimate quality standards in Aerospace and Industrial market.

A growing Group with common goals and values

The high quality and the agile structure allow us to work with the major OEMs with maximum reliability

Our core business is the development of Special Processes for components used in aero engines and industrial gas turbines. We manage an integrated supply chain of qualified suppliers, including our subsidiary company TAG.

We introduced new technologies in the production process, to improve quality and reduce time to market. Starting from specifications, through each phase of the work cycle, our engineering department effectively supports the Customer in each request.

CSR initiatives and Sustainability Reporting

ATLA considers Sustainability a key element of its strategy, with concrete and ambitious goals in the economic, environmental and social fields. Find out the updated report.

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We work to provide the most reliable solution with a full range of high-tech capabilities. We can provide an integrated offer of Special Processes, performed in accordance with Customers’ specifications.