Customer Satisfaction First was and must continue to be our motto

Since 1978, we are the pioneer in the field of Repair and Special Processes of gas turbines’ high-tech components, such as superalloys’ HPT blades and vanes, operating at high temperatures.

ATLA’s employees are all driven to safeguard and support the company’s pillar: Customer Satisfaction First, to help build better, safer and more reliable products.

We are partner and founding member of Piedmont Aerospace District (DAP), to support and strengthen the excellence of the Piedmont aerospace system and aeronautical industry.

Even in the early years, ATLA success as a global company was based on the fulfilment of Mission and Vision.

ATLA is an independent and proud partner of the worldwide Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) Group. Today continues to be managed by its founding family.

ATLA can be considered a success story since 1978

ATLA (Azienda Torinese Lavorazioni Aeronautiche), was founded in 1978 by the Eng. Ettore Gandini and his wife Laura. Today, the second generation, has taken over, giving new impetus to company values.