Since 1978, a global player fully focused on Gas Turbine

An appropriate maintenance of Gas Turbines facilities is fundamental to ensure optimum performance and prevent costly failures.

We are considered one of the most important specialists, thanks to the thousands of parts we have manufactured or repaired. Our continuous efforts in product optimization and our team of engineers enables us to provide our Customers with complete repair solutions for the Gas Turbine hot gas path parts.

Choose our technical skills on Gas Turbine hot gas path parts

ATLA is a pioneer for quality of high tech Special Processes on Gas Turbine hot gas path parts for several of the most important Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Since 1978, we supplied more than 450.000 full-finished new or repaired parts in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russian Commonwealth and Asia.

Two great players, looking for “Excellence”

Our sister company TAG is specialized in the Heat Treatments and Special Processes for the aeronautical, energy and automotive markets.

We work together in the field of new and repaired blades and vanes for heavy duty, jet derivatives and jet engines GT applications. Based in Lecco, the two different production units combine business such as vacuum heat treatment, ion nitriding, subcooling, vacuum brazing and special processes.

As a global leader, TAG treats all kind of material such as tool steels, stainless steels, superalloys, titanium and light alloys.

In 2018, we set up a centre of excellence for Turbine Airfoils Repair. The high quality and the agile structure allow us to work with the major market players with maximum reliability.

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Quality is at the base of all ATLA’s activity

We accept no compromises when it comes to Quality.

As a major provider of maintenance and repair services for aircrafts and power plants, our status as a certified supplier can assure Customers that processes are performed competently.

Our commitments to Quality and continuous improvement are conformed to the Standard ISO 9001:2015, prEN 9100:2016 and prEN 9110:2016. ATLA is also achieving Nadcap accreditation for several Special Process. For more information about our Nadcap certifications, contact us directly.

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