Since 1978, a global player fully focused on gas turbine

An appropriate maintenance of Gas Turbines facilities is fundamental to ensure optimum performance and prevent costly failures.

Our continuous efforts in product optimization and our team of professionals enables us to provide our Customers with complete engineering solutions for the gas turbine hot gas path parts.

Many processes are largely manual but machine supported wherever human accuracy can be enhanced. Accordingly, we are considered one of the most important specialists, thanks to the thousands of parts we have manufactured or repaired.

Experience and technical skill on gas turbine hot gas path components

ATLA is a pioneer for Quality of high tech processes on gas turbine hot gas path parts for several of the most important turbogas and jet engine Original Equipment Manufacturers.

In our 40 years of business, we have supplied more than 400.000 full-finished new or repaired parts in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russian Commonwealth and Asia.

The Group

ATLA Group has an international presence through local companies and offices in Italy, where Group headquarter is. At our headquarter in Chieri, Italy, ATLA employs approximately 90 specialists in multi disciplines.

Our sister company named TAG, leader in the heat treatments and special processes in Lecco, Italy, has another 70 staff. Founded in 1988 with the goal of becoming a centre of Excellence in High Technology Heat Treatment industry, TAG S.r.l. get part of ATLA Group in 2004.

The two different production units, Cremella and Dolzago, combine business such as vacuum heat treatment, ion nitriding, subcooling, vacuum brazing and special processes.

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