Quality, Health, Safety, Environment and Energy


ATLA established its Quality management system to optimize the processes.

We adopt a structured, honest and fair Policy, also to assess and select our Suppliers based on rigorous standards of Quality, trustworthiness, competitive prices and ethical conduct.

Health and Safety

The maintaining of high safety standards with constant improvements is an integral part of ATLA’s Policy.

ATLA offers healthy and safe working conditions for all the employees. Everyone is required to contribute to job security by observing the rules, policies and procedures. In order to support a healthy lifestyle for its employees, ATLA Company decided to be a smoke-free workplace.


ATLA considers environmental protection as one of the most important issues in corporate management.

ATLA operates according to the environmental management system and promotes preservation activities in order to contribute to the sustainable development of our territory.


We measure our success focused on the future. Our Special Processes are as efficient as they are eco friendly.

Our company adopted the International System of Energy Management and received ISO 50001 Certification.

We take Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously

We base our activities on the characteristics and culture of Local communities and contribute to local development and environmental improvements.